Mamallena Hostel is located right at Boquete Central Park. You will find no better location as our hostel is 20 meters away from the David bus stop and close to supermarkets, ATM¨s and restaurants!

How to get Here

From Panama City
Buses leave from Panana City regulary throughout the day to David, near the Costa Rican border. It takes around 8 hours and costs $15.25. The night buses leave at 10.45pm and 12am and arrive first thing in the morning.  They cost $18.50 and take around 6 hours. From the same terminal in David, buses leave to Boquete every 25 minutes (1 hour – $1.75).  The first bus leaves at around 4:20am and the last at 9:45pm.

From Bocas del Toro:
Our shuttle service is the fastest, safest and easiest way to get to Boquete. The shuttle will drop you off right in front of Mamallena hostel.

From Costa Rica:
Please read this following link for all the information on alternative crossings from Costa Rica to Panama.  Get to David from Costa Rica, direct buses leave from San Jose from the Tracopa bus line station. Or you can take a bus to the border at Paso Canoas and from there a bus to David and Boquete.

From Santa Catalina:
It is now possible to get from Santa Catalina to Boquete on a fast, safe and cozy journey.You save a precious time with our shuttle (4 buses, 10 hours with public transportation)! This new service is the first and only direct shuttle connecting Boquete and Santa Catalina on a daily basis!